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2023 Summer Closed Tournament Finals

Thanks to everyone who took part.


Main tournament - Chris Gillespie

Ladies tournament - Mel Hagenau

Plate competition - Alex Moody

Vets - Rob Holmes

B-Grade competition - Tom Homan

Junior competition - Nick

Runners Up

Main tournament - Rob Holmes

Ladies tournament - Maggie Rigby

Plate competition - Mel Hagenau

Vets - Shaun Barribal

B-Grade competition - Lewis Hall

Junior competition - Wilfred

Club Awards

Nominations for most improved player. Tom, Kev, Alex, Shaun... our most improved player..... Tom Fletcher. 🏆

Nominations for Player of the year... Derek, Jack, Rob.... our Player of the year. Derek Murray. 🏆

Most prestige... vintage rackets KO Winner - Wilfred 🏆


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